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International shipping

Service A- Amazon FBA deliveries

Shipping to Amazon FBA through Air & Ocean (Commercial mode)

  • Providing door-to-door delivery across all Amazon FBA centers in the U.S. and Europe
  • DDP service & IOR services


  • Competitive price
  • Better planning options via a combination of air & ocean
  • Shipment tracking is 100% guaranteed


Service B- Stocking the inventory

Services for warehousing and storage in the United States, the U.K. & Germany

  • We help E-commerce clients in shipping the inventory to our warehouses in the United states, U.K, Germany
  • Exporters can ship inventories from our warehouse to their B2B clients (Amazon fulfillment centers or B2B customers whenever required).
  • Shipping costs can be reduced by thousands of dollars for exporters
  •  This service helps exporters in managing inventory efficiently
  • Feel free to reach us for customized solutions at info@samritinternational.com

Want to take advantage of our quality services?

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