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  • +91 7339799669
  • SAMRIT TECH SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED (SIPL) is a part of a major group named Samrit Tech Services. Samrit International launched its segment & services on 21st January 2021 i.e. 21/01/2021.


  • SIPL offers a range of shipping & warehousing services to sellers selling on the global market places (on both online and offline channels). SIPL is committed to delivering best-in-class services and adding value to its clients.


  • Founded by a team of experienced and young professionals, SIPL provides unique and customized solutions to the sellers and services according to international standards.


  • The company aims to target medium & large sellers. The company has special arrangements/offers in providing consultancy services to take care of the seller’s goals & vision.


  • In order to meet the needs of the small scale sellers, the company has provided special advisory services.


  • We have expertise in delivering superior and premium quality services such as E-Commerce shipping for businesses, warehouse facilities in U.S., U.K. and Germany for businesses and consumers, international air freight, and international ocean freight - all with the expertise you don't need to worry about.

Want to take advantage of our quality services?

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